Channel 4 : GoggleBox going from strength to strength…

24 Oct

Sometimes  the most ludicrous ideas have a way of defying their critics and going on to become things of beauty.  Thirteen years ago someone once thought “why don’t we plant a big Ferris Wheel in the middle of London to mark the new  millennium”, people around the country sniggered and probably thought how a fool and his money are soon parted.

Today the London Eye, as it is now known, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

Is GoggleBox going the same way,  can a TV program about people watching TV really capture the nation’s heart? Well, Harry Hill’s TV Burp was a big ratings winner, so who’s to say GoggleBox is incapable of achieving the same, and last night it showed why it has become an unsung hit.

In showing the nation’s reaction to TV programmes that ranged from the plain ridiculous to the endearingly tender, it held a mirror on ourselves.

We all would collectively watch opened-mouth that there is a TV programme about collecting sperm from a Walrus (in all its gory detail!),  we all would collectively acknowledge that Cilla Black is no longer even close to the singer she once was, and we would all collectively understand the fears that a partner feels when they realise that their time on earth with their loved ones is about to come to an end.

As we watch the GoggleBox’s household’s reactions to BBC2′s Natural : Two Tonne Tusker, ITV’s The One and Only Cilla Black and on Coronation Street, Hayley revealing to Roy she has terminal cancer. The reactions we saw were the reactions we felt.


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