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Channel 4…Did Homeland “Jump the shark” yesterday?

12 Nov

Do you remember any of the following

  • When you found out in Heroes that Sylar somehow hadn’t died at the beginning of Season 2
  • In Only Fools and Horses, after Del Boy, Rodney and Grand dad finally became millionaires and then in the next programme had lost it!
  • When Who Wants To Be A Millionaire became a series of endless specials. Husbands and Wives, Mothers and Sons, Celebs, Bosses and Chauffeurs etc…

They are arguably the points at which great shows should have come to a dignified end but refused and ended like the proverbial Grand dad still strutting his stuff at a night club with kids who weren’t born when he qualified for a free bus pass.

Homeland has been a great show, but the lingering question after the Season One reveal was how will they keep the suspense and drama going. We all know knew what Sgt Brody was up to, granted there were still some unanswered questions like, the Mole and why he did it.

This season things have moved on a pace, and a gripping one at that. The CIA found out what Brody been up to, and he’s been turned.  Suddenly the most the remaining underlying uncertainty that propelled the show was rapidly fizzing away, where the taut, tense drama going to come from.

In yesterday’s episode Brody gave up the location the workshop of the tailor who provided the suicide vest to the CIA. He had also made contact with the reporter Royya Hammad (his intermediary to Abu Nazir) while wearing a wire and she had revealed that there was something of interest in the tailor’s workshop. Royya Hammad was latter followed and seen in discussion with a man with a vaguely middle eastern look, whom CIA tried to follow him but lost.

These three sub plots all come together to provide the subtext to the dramatic, unexpected, incredible and arguably  implausible (by Homeland standards) end to yesterday’s episode.

As the CIA agents were searching the Tailor’s shop a number of men dressed in SWAT type body armour and sub machine guns burst in and in the resultant gun fire all the CIA men were shot dead and the invaders retrieved a large case from behind  false  wall and escaped. One of the invaders was revealed to be the man Royya had been talking to.

That many agent killed at one go in a small town. It almost seems gratuitous violence to reboot the show – a “shark jumping” moment, psychological tension replaced by formulaic violence. We will only really know when we see how they follow on next week if this is a real change in the show’s direction.