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The Apprentice its back as brash and as narcissistic as ever – BBC1

7 May

Sometimes when I watch the Apprentice I think it is a mix of Big Brother and a specialist holiday programme that takes you on a tour of business parks, warehouses and retail spots of London.

Every year the bitchiness starts earlier and earlier. We have got a new series and already one of the boys Neil Clough stands out as the man who seems best able to combine all round bitchiness with the now mandatory “how good am I” look. As smug as he was, he clearly was not stupid enough to volunteer to be the first project manager, always a poisoned chalice.

That “honour” fell to a Jaz Ampaw-Far  on the girl’s team and Jason Leech on the boy’s side. First week is difficult to tell who is who, as it is largely just a random collection of faces. The lesson is clear at time like this with no credit to your name never, never put your hand up to be Project Manager, there is only a downside. You win, no one remembers by week seven because it is so long ago. You lose, you’re toast. Have you people not watched the programme!!!

Sadly for Jaz that is just what she did and months from now people will pass by her at Supermarket thinking I know her from somewhere, but just would never be able to put their finger on it.

For the rest of us we watch to see if the this series will give us an apprentice legend like Stuart “The Brand” Baggs, Raef Bjayou (my all time favourite), Tre Azam or Katie Hopkins.