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BBC3…The Revolution Will Be Televised

10 Nov

This is the most hilarious thing I have seen on TV in a very long time. A topical satirical sketch show in the  the best traditions of Dennis Pennis, Chris Morris’s Brass Eye or the early days of Ali G .

The audacity of the some of the sketches was incredible.

How they got away with the Network Rail sketch, where they walked into the companies headquarters and closed three doors for “engineering works”, or even the Nike Store sketch plastering slogans enjoining customers to “Work Hard, Work Hard” a play on the “Work Hard, Play Hard” slogan, but twisted to reflect the working condition of many workers in the South East Asian textile industry.

The “BBC in need” sketch was also genius.

What was particularly funny was often how in the face of what seems like an official request people will agree to even the most outlandish requests as typified by this clip from a earlier episode.



If you like your comedy topical and laced with social commentary, this BBC 3 comedy (Sunday nights at 10.25) is definitely for you.