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TV Advert…Black Friday in the UK ??? Say it isn’t so Asda

27 Nov

If you have ever been to America around this time of the year you are guaranteed two things, lots and lots of Turkey and Black Friday. Yes, it is the Thanksgiving weekend in America, when our cousins across the ocean celebrate the arrival of the pilgrim fathers in the new world.

Traditionally the celebration falls on the fourth Thursday of November and across the USA millions of Turkeys are grilled, roasted and fried in celebration. In recent years the holiday weekend has taken a more commercial significance. Specifically the Friday after Thanksgiving has become the biggest shopping day in the American retail calendar. The local news there is regularly full of frenzied shoppers massing to snap up heavily discounted bargains.

All well and good for good people of America, but what does it have to do with us? And that’s a question for you ASDA! Most people know ASDA is a subsidiary of the American retail giant Walmart, but that’s no excuse for bringing this obscure, and I would argue unwanted tradition, from across the Atlantic.



This week they have been running a series of adverts promoting their Black Friday deals, adding further to the Americanisation of the UK and bringing forward the start of the peak of wallet-sapping Christmas shopping season to mid-November.

That’s a no from me.