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Soul Rebels on Andrew Marr Show…BBC1

12 May

I just caught the end of the Andrew Marr show on BBC1 this morning, Andrew Marr himself is away recovering from the stroke he had in January and his stand in this week was James Landale.

He was wrapping up an interview with the Education Secretary Michael Gove. The Education Secretary is a ‘Marmite’ man if there ever was, you either love him or loathe him.

I remember once travelling on a suburban train in the depths of Hertfordshire on a weekday afternoon. The train was mainly populated by a smattering of genteel retirees, silently leafing through copies of the favoured broadsheets. Out of the blue one of the lady pensioners let out what seemed by a loud howl of anguish followed by well emphasised used of the f-word. Suddenly the carriage was alive with gentle rustling of the newspapers as people without meaning to be too obvious tried to find out what was going on.

The suspense was short-lived as the lady quickly issued a general apology to the carriage for her outburst explaining “That Michael Gove, he really drives me mad”.

Anyway that was not the may reason for my post. It was to shout out to the Soul Rebels Brass Band who gave a fantastic performance at the end of the show. Their brass band instrumental rendition of Micheal Jackson’s ‘Off The Wall” was class, a little bit of Sunny New Orleans on a nice spring morning.

Here they from another show doing their thing with Jools Holland.