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New Somersby Cider advert parodies Apple Stores

27 Mar

Apple (the Computer Company) are well-known for the extent they will go to protect their brand so I wonder what they will make of this advert that debuted yesterday on TV.

It is a hilarious spoof (in a geeky kind of way) of the almost religious hysteria that accompanies the launch of a new Apple product and the devotees that storm Apple Stores world-wide to be the first to get their hands on a new i-Something.

Rather than the latest techno-gizmo though the advert is for an ice cold glass of Cider. Littered with lots of reference to techno jargon – “in to face”, “64 pip vs 32 pip”, “docking station”, “one click” and “works perfectly in direct sunlight”, for anyone who’s wondered why people queue for days outside Regents Street for the latest iProduct you will find this amusing.