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I Am A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here…. because the final is boring

30 Nov

ITV’s top reality show I Am a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here winds it way to this weekend’s final. The celebs came and one by one they were weeded out.

Brian Conley who it seems bit off more than he could chew. Nadine Dorries who for understandable reasons prefers the snakes and creepy crawlies of the Australian jungle to the homegrown variety in the Westminster jungle. Limahl whom I never heard of before this and I suspect I will not hear of him after this either. Linda Robson who made as much impact as a vegan at a burger bar. Cuddly corpulent Colin Baker who shed a good few pounds – just what the Doctor would have ordered.

There was also Helen Flanagan who gave us a selection of “Myleene Klass shower moments” but we didn’t reciprocate with votes. Rosemary Shrager big boisterous and bulldozed her way over her days in camp. Suave, Urbane and minted Hugo Tylor whom I am sure has lived in houses with vegetable patches bigger than the jungle camp. Eric Bristow, the cockney diamond geezer always up for a bit of banter but less keen on taking part in titillating Pussycat Doll routines.

This left us with Ashley Roberts, Charlie ‘Janine’ Brooks and David ‘The Hay Maker’ Haye, all very likable and nice people, but you can’t help feeling not the most interesting three of the bunch that started. Often that’s the problem with public voting on reality TV shows. The big more controversial characters tend to divide the public, you love them or loathe them.

While their are people who religiously vote for the big characters which sees them through the early rounds, invariably they fall by the way side as the number of contestants dwindle.

Out of this cull emerge those who are the least grating, the ones who you think “well if my favourite doesn’t win I won’t mind him or her winning”, the apparently pleasantly nice folk, who bitch but do so in a refined almost unnoticeable fashion. Who want to win so badly like everyone else, but never in a manner that you would notice. They are seemingly nice but not incredibly fascinating.

It is a problem for reality shows how do you sustain interest when you lose your Rylan and are left with your Jahmene.  You lose you rabbit rissotto and are left with your Ryvita. It is almost inevitable and just goes to show how hard it is to win from the extremes.

We see it in the X-Factor, The Apprentice, Big Brother and all the other shows. I call it the RFC – Reality Final Conundrum.

I Am a Celebrity…I hope MPs are not making these calls on expenses.

12 Nov

I Am A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (IAMACGMOH) has started and early indications going by the column inches and the coverage are the early “stars” of the show are Nadine Dorries and Helen Flanagan.

Nadine had earned the ire of a lot of her fellow members of parliament for swanning off to Australia for at least a few weeks and maybe much more. She doesn’t seem to be missed though

MPs and Cabinet ministers, including Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles, tweeted that they had voted for Ms Dorries to face the humiliating task.


Mr Pickles mocked her last week and said he will be voting to keep her on the programme. Asked last night on Twitter if he had voted for Ms Dorries to take part in the bushtucker trial, he replied: “Yes, phone on speed dial.”


MPs from all parties were tweeting throughout last night’s programme, the first in the new series. Chatham and Aylesford MP Tracey Crouch wrote: “Just received a Get Out The Vote message from the Whips #votedorries.”


Welsh Tory Alun Cairns added: “Official figures show that #iamacelebrity is the most watched programme in Westminster this evening.” Liberal Democrat Alistair Carmichael, MP for Orkney and Shetland, tweeted: “You have to think that if voting for Tories was this much fun in normal circumstances Scotland would have more than one Tory MP.”

BBC..Have I Got News for You Nigel Farage

9 Nov

When Sgt Brodie is not planning to wreck revenge on America’s Military Industrial complex he is quite a funny guy or at least his alter-ego is. Damien Lewis was back on our screens as the host on topical news show – Have I got News For You.

The show was celebrating ten years since Angus Deayton was sacked, or as the BBC preferred to promote it ten years since guest presenters have hosted the programme. Panel guests were Harry Shearer who is known to fans of The Simpsons as the voice of Montgomery Burns. Also joining regulars Ian Hislop and Paul Merton was Nigel Farage, the public face of the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

While I think the programme as a whole is on the wane, tonight’s episode was quite amusing. There were the inevitable jokes from the big story of the week, the US election and it was pretty much open season on Mitt Romney who bore the brunt of most jokes.

His perceived aloofness and his gaffes provided most of the humour. A recurring joke in this segment picked up on some of the more extremist Romney gaffes, like the infamous 47% video, and Damien would turn to Farage to ask what UKIP thought of such right-wing craziness.

Other stories where the exposure of Labour MP Denis McShane for alleged false expense claims. It seems this chap and Farage have history, as Farage took a lot of delight in mocking Mr McShane’s ‘misfortune’.

Although I am not sure if Harry Shearer was brought on for any particular reason (maybe the US elections), but I was beginning to see a trend with Farage. The show moved on onto the saga of ‘Mad Nad’ – Tory MP Nadine Dorries who for some reason thinks she can best serve the interest of her constituents from thousands of miles away in the Australian jungle where she will appear on the soon to start ‘I am a celebrity get me out of here’. Again there was a Farage connection.

For her sins ‘Mad Nad’ has been suspended from Conservative parliamentary party, and there were rumours of her moving to UKIP, Farage did not exactly appear to welcome her with open arms.

Like I said good episode and it looks like there is still some occassional burst of life in the programme.