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Was that really Stephen Hawking in a Go Compare Ad?

1 Jan
English: gio compario

Gio Compario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok we all know that the good people at Go Compare have decided to flip the script. Most of us are familiar with their long running Ad campaign fronted by operatic singer Wynn Evans aka Gio Compario from Go Compare. The premise of the adverts being Wynn popped up in the most ordinary of situations to sing virtues of selecting your insurance products using Go Compare.

Anecdotally a lot of people seemed to suggest the advert was annoying but be that as it may it worked for Go Compare making them one of the biggest insurance comparison sites. But where to go from there the campaign was running out of steam, so why not take the anti Gino sentiment flip it around and launch a new campaign on the back of that.

That’s just what they did. The new campaign featured a wide a range of celebrities involved in an increasingly bizarre attempts to rid the world of Gio from Go Compare. We have had Stuart Pearce, Sue Barker, Ray Mears and Louis Spence all doing their bit in saving the world from Gio.

Now Joining the fray in adverts started this week is Professor Stephen Hawking, I personally found this somewhat surreal. You just think of Stephen Hawking as this brilliant high minded academic dabbling in issues of multidimensional universes, the existence of the Higgs Boson particle or whatever else catches the imagination of a Ox-bridge Physics don.

Plotting to dispose of a somewhat irritating corpulent tenor from an insurance advert was not one of the things expected from him.