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BBC…Africa. The Greatest Giraffe Fight You’d Ever Have Seen…

2 Jan

There is one universal truth that everyone should acknowledge. The day Sir David Attenborough leaves the BBC there will be a huge void in nature and wildlife programming. His smooth slightly melodic voice is so synonymous with high quality wildlife programming, it is almost unthinkable to have one with out him.

Tonight he brought us the first programme in the new series ‘Africa‘ and it was stupendously good. Words can not do it justice. If you missed it hop onto BBC IPlayer and catch up.

The film sequences were sumptuous  Some of the scenes were BAFTA winning.

The fight between the two giraffes for instance, an old male bull and a young upstart. Furious, startling and beautifully filmed it will live in my memory for a long time and I am not sure I will look at giraffes in the same light again.

Then there was the palpable tension as a young leopard stalked a stemboch .  The leopard learning to fend for itself for the first time and the stemboch, twitchy and nervous.  This time around the Leopard’s naivety got the better of him, but it was close

We saw cuddly baby ostriches cutely waddling their way to a watering hole, a watering hole that appeared almost biblical as all of Africa’s wildlife seemed to have descended for a drink at the same time. A multicultural gathering only interrupted by a pride of brawling lions more intent on fighting amongst themselves than anything else.

The programme also reaffirmed as if we needed reminding how cruelly Machiavellian nature can be. We saw a wasp  stranded in the desert looking for any place with moisture to lay her eggs, where better than in the moist body of a living spider. Her evil plans however were thwarted as it turns out this particular spider has super-human (if that’s the right phrase) cartwheeling abilities and was not ready to become a living incubator for anyone as it cartwheeled to safety down the dunes of the mighty Kalahari.

A great programme, but with David Attenborough nothing less is expected.