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Suits…Season 1 was great but Season 2 has been phenomenal.

28 Apr

I think the satellite channel Dave has landed a winner with Suits. With the weekly episode regularly pulling in over 700,000 viewers across multiple showings, it has been a  hit for the comedy channel.

We are two episodes away from the end of Season 2 and to say the series has grown on me is an understatement.  What has really been fantastic about this show is how the characters and the interaction between them have grown and evolved since Season 1. In Season 1 it was mainly a comedy set in a legal firm,  but in season 2 it has grown into a more of a character driven drama with moments of light and dark humor. The characters have all grown.

Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) – He was the smart kid with all the answers, but the questions have became more complex and the answers not as pat in Season 2. Pearson Hardman is under fire and neither he, his mentor Harvey nor the firm’s boss Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) can see an easy way out. His love life is a mess and he has lost the one strong constant in his life – his grandma. He has simply become more like a mere mortal.

Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) – Harvey uber-confident, self assured and suave in his Tom Ford suits he is New York’s best closer. This season we find even Harvey has his weaknesses. His legal and personal battles with his ex-Senior partner Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) has sought seeds of doubt about his relationship with Jessica. He wants Pearson Hardman to be Pearson Specter, but is Jessica ready to let go of control and bring him as an equal? We get glimpses into what has made Harvey, we visit his childhood and find out it holds memories he’d rather forget, we see his relationship  with Zoe Lawford (Jacinda Barret) end as family tragedy tear Zoe away. Incidentally Jacinda is Gabriel Macht’s wife in the real world.

Jessica Pearson – Like her protege and right hand man Harvey, she is self assured and suave, but beneath that veneer she is a woman facing an onslaught on her firm. A firm that has become her life is reeling, the battles with Daniel Hardman have left both her and the firm vulnerable.  Her relationship with Harvey is bruised as they find out that their interests are not 100% aligned and she needs all the loyal troops she can find right now.

Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) – Louis was the man you loved to hate, weasily, devious and unethical. Was that the real Louis? In Season 2 the one dimensional villain from season one has morphed in a a more rounded character with many aspects to him. We see that his deep insecurities exploited by Harvey, Jessica and  Daniel Hardman and there are points you actually get to feel sorry for him.

Other main characters Donna Paulsen (Sarah Raffetty) and Rachel Zane (Merghan Markle) have also developed in season 2. Donna ever loyal to Harvey had cause to question if that Loyalty was misplaced and Rachel’s “will she, wont she” relationship with Mike continues to meander along but is unable to come to any conclusion as circumstance and choice keep them apart.

The least two episodes  for the season are going to be very, very interesting

Dave…Suits is back and entertainingly sharp as ever.

27 Jan

Imagine you finally got to a point in your career where you can afford a hand tailored suit, you head for you appointment at one of the many fine gentlemen tailors that inhabit the vicinity of Saville Row, London.

There you choose from the finest selection of clothing material available to a discerning gentleman anything from heavyweight Scottish tweed to the best French Serge. Then you get your fittings  measurements taken in places where you’d never thought you would be measured.

The end result a fine piece of tailoring, smooth, suave and debonair.  If you made a TV programme in the same way, the end result would be Dave’s legal comedy - Suits.

Season 2 of Suits is back on Dave. When we left it last season Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) had spent the whole of the season being precariously close to exposed as not having attended Harvard Law School, a minimum requirement for the his law firm Pearson Hardman.

With the help of his ultra-smooth mentor Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), Mike’s sheer brilliance  and his almost perfect memory, he had bluffed his way through a whole season but just when he felt safe, the secret popped out.

In the opening scene Harvey is ordered by his Boss Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) to fire Mike or get fired, as she’s discovered the truth about Mike. The dynamic duo of Harvey and Mike  however are not so easily vanquished, and a little bit of luck comes to their aid.

Former partner Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) makes a return to the firm after a five year absence  We haven’t seen him before and the back story is that there is an unresolved rivalry between Jessica and David.  Jessica realises she need Harvey’s help to thwart Daniel’s ambitions and the price is her turning a blind eye to Mike.

With all this going on Mike still has a case to tackle, cue assorted legal shenanigans and high jinks.  Welcome back Suits, we missed you along with the 800,000 or so views the series gets for Dave.

Suits 9pm Thursdays on Dave