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Come Dine With Me…but no Lamb

29 Sep

I would not say I am a big fan of Come Dine With Me (CDWM to its fans)  but when I feel like watching a bit of TV, if its on with nothing else on any of the other channels I will definitely give it a watch.

While it does throw up a memorable dinner host now and then, the real star of the show without a shadow of doubt is the “mickey taking ” narration of Dave Lamb.

His narration verging from sarcastic to withering to comically excited all over an episode of Come Dine With Me is as they would say in fine dining circles the jus that makes the meal.

It is so on point and  binds together what would otherwise be a mildly entertaining  dose of everyday cooking into a reality TV tour de force

What’s really remarkable about the don that Dave Lamb is, is that most of the narration we get to hear  is ad-libbed.

The mark of the cult hit that CDWM has become is that it is leaving our shores and  rolling out to other countries, but can it really work without the Lamb? Evidence from Australia is a resounding NO!!

Come Dine With Me without Dave Lamb is to stretch a pun like a Lamb roast dinner without Lamb. Pretty pointless. That was the Australian version in a nutshell. Pointless.

The dinner hosts were sufficiently catty, cliquey, blindly in awe of their limited culinary skills, all the things we expected from our Come Down With Me contestants but the narration was just flat. It just did not work.

Contrast that with Come Dine With Me (Ireland) currently showing on Channel 4 where they had the sense to retain the services of Mr Lamb. What you get is a faithful recreation of essence of the original. So to Channel 4, let’s not have any more Lamb-less CDWM please…