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Movies on TV…Green Zone (Channel 4)

4 Nov

Matt Damon has pretty much established himself as an all action hero and his role as a tough marine with a conscience in Green Zone was a pretty good fit.

The film was centered around the days shortly after the Coalition (well really the US Army) had swept through Iraq, toppled Saddam Hussien and was looking to establish its authority.

Matt Damon’s unit was charged with locating and securing the vast quantity of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) that overthrown Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein supposedly had hidden across the country.

Now my first question when watching this film was did everyone American in Iraq refer to each other as “Chief”. The film was littered with phrases like “Chief can I have a word”, “Chief load up the truck and lets roll out”, “Chief there is an IED coming in at nine o’clock”, “Chief can I have a Macaroni and Cheese and a Soda to go” and so on. I know Americans are informal and all, but it was all a bit bizarre.

The crux of the Movie was how Matt Damon’s unit following up on intelligence reports on the supposed location of the WMDs, never found any and they were beginning to suspect all was not right.

It turns out he was right to be concerned. There was supposedly a massive conspiracy and he was determined to expose it.

Which brings me to my second question. As conspiracy go this was definitely a conspiracy-lite, really calling it a conspiracy is an insult to ‘real’ conspiracies like the Moon Landing, Area 51 or JFK’s assassination.

The gist of it was prior to the war senoir Iraqis had confessed to American intelligence they had no WMD’s, intelligence sat on this to give a pretext to go to war. Now I am no political guru, but I am pretty sure that WMD or no WMD the war was pretty much a done deal. So why was Damon so worked up about it? Could he not have worked out that in the euphoria of the “victory” it would be an unfortunate revelation but nothing more than that. May be it was his conscience but as a premise for a conspiracy movie it was very weak.

On the flip side there was enough action and fire fights throughout the movie to keep any war film buff suitably entertained. An entertaining but not necessarily a cerebal watch.