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Just as Person of Interest gets really interesting, it’s gone!

16 Oct

I have already nailed my flag to the post on this one, I really like Person of Interest. I initially loved it because the show took its dramatic licence jumped into a Ferrari and stretched it to its max. I don’t mind a show doing that, as long as it is not pretending to be anything other than what it is.

The plot was interesting but formulaic, but in the last two episodes it has taken an interesting turn and veered away from the formulaic. Mr Reese who has all along been the hunter, suddenly in a dramatic turn of events has become the hunted. The CIA, his former employers, wants him and it seems they prefer dead rather than alive.

At the end of tonight’s episode he was caught in a trap by the CIA and only a last minute rescue by Mr Finch and, in a last minute change of heart, Detective Carter saved him from being taken out by the folk from Langley.

This set the show up for some very interesting forthcoming episodes. What does Channel 5 go and do? They decide to take a “mid-season” break till January. January!!! What a way to kill momentum.

Trivia of the day: James Caviezel who plays Mr Reese in this show, also played Jesus in the Passion of Christ, probably explains a lot of the miraculous escapes in earlier episodes.

Did you miss it? Homeland is coming back for season 2

2 Oct

Pretty much one of the best  TV dramas of the last few years is back this year. Fresh from a big win a this year’s Emmys for outstanding drama series, for lead actor (Brit Damian Lewis)  /actress (Claire Danes), and for writing, Homeland is returning to Channel 4 on Sunday at 9.00pm.

After last seasons finale I would be curious to see how the story is going to move on. They were plenty of unresolved issues from last season, who was the mole, what exactly happened to Sgt Brody and most important where are they going to take the story after the big reveal at the end of last season…

No doubt we will discover on Sunday.