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Film4… Can Will Ferrell do subtle. “Everything Must Go” says yes!

22 Dec

Will Ferrell has a new movie out, Anchorman 2, so no surprise that Film4 is screening a mini Will Ferrell film festival  to warm us up with a double header. Tonight the first of the two for one Will Ferrell film fiesta was the 2010 film Everything Must Go.

When you see Will Ferrell name on the credits of the film you are pretty much guaranteed no-hold barred, in your face, over the top, frat boy humour. Well you would in most of his films but not Everything Must Go.

I would say this is probably the best Will Ferrell film I have ever watched. It was a subtle portrayal of a man whose life had suddenly and catastrophically fallen to pieces all around him. He lost his job, his wife and his house all on the same day. Forced to leave in the front yard of his old home with old his possessions, he learns to let go of his past both in a literal and metaphorical sense. A drama rather than a comedy it is a studied portrayal of suburban dysfunction.



Will Ferrell’s performance as a drunken middle aged man whose life should be a suburban dream but is a suburban nightmare is engaging, thoughtful and emotive. Kudos also to Christopher Jordan Wallace (son of the late Rapper Notorious B.I.G) who put in a superb performance as Kenny, a local nieghbourhood kid, who befriends Ferrell and helps him come to terms with his changed life.