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TV Adverts…Shots fired in the battle of the Christmas TV ads.

9 Nov

As the legendary Glam Rocker Noddy Holder would say “So here it is merry Christmas everybody’s having fun”, especially it seems are the advertising agencies of the big retailers. The last few days have seen them roll out their TV ads in preparation for their busiest time of the year.

The adverts are getting bigger and more expensive each year, and have almost become a Christmas event in their own right.

John Lewis has gone all Disney-esque with a full featured animation (“The Bear and the Hare”) with a sound track from Lily Allen (“Somewhere Only We Know“)



Morrisons have plumped for popular culture with adorable duo and the nation’s housewife’s favourite, Ant and Dec, fronting the company’s campaign (“Go on…It’s Christmas”). Morrisons also give a nod to Disney with the sound track “Be Our Guest” taken from Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast.



Meanwhile at M&S homage was being paid to Alice in Wonderland with a Christmas Fairytale themed advert (“Magic and Sparkle”). Featuring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, David Gandy and Helena Bonham Carter.



Boots have decided to go all urban with an advert featuring a gift giving geezer. If it weren’t for the snow it could easily be mistaken for a short film on Channel 4′s urban youth season. The advert featured a sound track from Bronski Beat – “Smalltown Boy“.



For Debenhams their Christmas offering is a traditional “coming home” for Christmas featuring Billie Piper.


Even cost-conscious mega discount store Lidl has got in on the act. In their video they bring together the unlikely pairing of a Harry Enfield voice over with a cover of a One Direction track (“Little Things“ notice the subtle pun there). The track, sung by Swedish band  The Majority Says, and the video combine to produce a simple but very effective advert.


Morrisons Christmas TV Ad. Christmas at the Morrisons’s must suck!

2 Dec

It is almost taken for granted that Christmas is stressful.

People are stressed over making sure they have got  presents for everyone. People are stressed over whether they have sent cards to everyone on the list (if you still send cards). People are stressed over whether they can step up from only ever defrosting microwave meals for two to cooking a Turkey banquet for 16.  People are stressed over whether they will get on with the in-laws they only see one day a year (incidentally on Christmas).

What they need is a soothing reminder that it is never as bad as you think. Maybe an advert from a Supermarket that knows all about Christmas and how to make it stress free. Well if you are looking for that from Morrison’s then you are looking in the wrong place.

Their Christmas advert for 2012 is a shocker, it amplifies all the Christmas stresses going and shoves it right back at you.  People might say at least it is realistic, but this is the season for a little bit of fantasy, a little bit of magic after all it is Christmas.

Dr Who…Christmas Special “The Snowmen”. Details announced.

17 Nov
English: The current TARDIS seen at BBC TV Centre...

Doctor Who’s Tardis credit © zir.com

Christmas Day TV on the BBC has some certainties, Eastenders will depress us, Strictly Come Dancing will amuse us and the Dr Who Christmas Special will wow us. Just how the latter will wow us has been revealed today. A new look for the Doctor, a new companion and a monster are some of the big changes promised in the Christmas Special.

Matt Smith will be back as the Doctor. Jenna-Louise Coleman will join the show as his new companion Clara, and together with the Doctor will battle to save Christmas from  the villainous Doctor Simeon (Richard E Grant) and his army of icy snowmen.

If Matt Smith’s verdict is anything to go by it sounds like it will be well worth watching

For this year’s Christmas special we have the wonderfully villainous Richard E Grant as Doctor Simeon – as well as lizards, Victorian assassins and deranged warriors from the future, who all return to convince the Doctor that he should board the TARDIS again and save the world. Add to that Jenna-Louise Coleman, and so begins the Christmas Special 2012. I hope everyone enjoys it!

John Lewis Ads…Christmas through the years John Lewis style.

11 Nov

The John Lewis Christmas Adverts are always great.

I have no idea how effective they are in delivering hordes of Christmas shoppers through the doors of the John Lewis retail emporium, but as commercial works of art they are great.

I know Christmas shouldn’t be about spending more than you can afford and then end up living off tins of value range food for the whole of January, but if you are going to be persuaded to blow all the cash you have at the very least you’d want that persuasion to be done tastefully, John Lewis style.

There have been many good ones over the years, with brilliant sound tracks, but my favourite is the 2011 advert. What’s yours?

John Lewis 2007 – “Shadows” – Soundtrack : Aubade/Morning Serenade from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.

John Lewis 2008 – Soundtrack :A cover of The Beatles “From Me To You”.

John Lewis 2009 – Soundtrack :Taken By Trees “Sweet Child of Mine”.

John Lewis 2010 – Soundtrack :Ellie Goulidng “Your Song”.

John Lewis 2011 – Soundtrack :Slow Moving Millie “Please, please, please”

John Lewis 2012 -”The Journey” – Soundtrack :Gabrielle Aplin “Power of Love”

John Lewis Ad…John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012

10 Nov

Forget about the Christmas lights in London’s West End, you know the official run in to Christmas has started when John Lewis brings out its Christmas end of year advert.  Well the advert for 2012 is out and it is another epic. Here is how John Lewis have described it

Our TV advert this year celebrates the extra mile we go to at Christmas to find the perfect gift.

The advert’s called ‘The Journey’ and it opens in a family’s snow-covered garden, with children making a snowman and snow woman. When the snowman has mysteriously disappeared the next morning, we’re transported to a magical world as we follow the determined snowman on his epic journey across river, mountain, road and city. The motive for the snowman’s journey isn’t revealed until the last scene, when we see him return on Christmas morning.

The ad is set to a cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘Power of Love’ sung by Gabrielle Aplin, a 20 year-old singer signed to Parlophone Records. She has already released three EPs through her own record label, has amassed over 12 million YouTube views, and has her debut album scheduled for release in 2013.