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How to Get on TV…Jeremy Kyle Style.

1 Nov

Have you ever wanted to be on TV? Would like to be beamed into the home of millions? It might be easier than you think, there is a just slight problem you must be ready to air your dirty linen in front of the world.

The Jeremy Kyle show is looking for guests (or should that be victims) for its UK shows. The categories of guests are

  • DNA – For a chance to make the father of your baby face his responsibilities.
  • Stolen – Have you had money or valuables stolen from you? Would a lie detector help get you the answers that you need?
  • Access – Are you fighting to get access to your child with an ex?
  • Relationships – If you’re worried your relationship will breakdown unless things change
  • Bad parents – Have your parents let you down? Or is your ex a bad parent
  • Addictions – Is a loved one suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction? Is it destroying your family?
  • Break ups – If you’re having problems with your ex, or want your ex back and want to be on the show

Who says misery doesn’t like company, certainly not Jeremy Kyle. Be a guest of Jeremy

Graham Norton…James Bond Special!

26 Oct

With a lineup featuring Daniel Craig, Dame Judi Dench and Javier Bardem it had the big three from Skyfall. I am a big fan of the James Bond films and I really like Graham’s shows but I don’t really enjoy these ‘infomercials’ masquerading as TV shows, blatantly promoting a single film.

They often tend to be boring as they are so focused on what is being promoted, but they can’t really talk about the film for fear of giving away the plot. So you end up with a promotion but you don’t even get details of what is being promoted.

It wasn’t all bad, Dame Judi Dench is always good in things like this. Years in the business means she has so many anecdotes and obviously has done so many chat shows over the years so she’s always at ease.

Daniel Craig was personable enough and got into the spirit of things. Javier was also charming although I found his English somewhat halting.

As always the contributions from the audience are the highlight of the show, and despite the prescence of all the Bond big guns it was the same this evening. The ‘what’s your Bond Girl name’ segment was hilarious….Majorie! really, and the Red Chair segment never lets the programme down.