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Britain’s Got Talent Final…Simon Cowell gets egg-ed by woman.

8 Jun

Britian’s Got Talent had an unexpected entrant in the final this evening. Blink and you would have missed it but during the performance by the classical music duo Richard and Adam Johnson a woman who it seemed was part of the orchestra left her position strolled up to the front of the stage with what seemed to be a pack of Sainsbury’s woodrange free range eggs and let fly.

She clearly relished the moment as you can see the huge grin on her face. Possibly she was egg-cited? Or may she just got the Eggs-Factor? [I'll get my coat!]

Pics of the moment

Egg Thrower 1

Egg Thrower 2

and the video

TV Advert…Tango’s new and very surreal “Argh” Orange Intensity adverts

8 Jun

The adverts for the Tango Orange has always had a certain  ”in your face” quality about it. In the 90′s they took it quite literally with the “You know you have been tango-ed” which proved quite controversial with fears of children imitating the face slapping antics.



Well the good people at Tango are back with a new campaign “ARGH”, less physical than some of their other campaigns but certainly more surreal.

Here are the three premiered during the final of Britain’s Got Talent. I leave you to make up your own minds about these.



and this.



and lastly, this.


Britain’s Got Talent…but is it new or even original?

14 Apr

Last night the latest variant of the vaudeville acts we get from Simon Cowell‘s pipeline hit ITV last night. Britain’s Got Talent is back. As usual we fed the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright weird (yes Mr Vicar with a nun on a broom stick, that was weird).

I guess from the producers point of view and also the crowd reaction one of the sensations of the night was the dance troupe from Hungary – Attraction with their innovative and unusual approach to dance, but was it unusual or that innovative?

Here are Attractions



Here is a similar group Silhouette from another of Simon’s shows America’s Got Talent



There are in their own right two great performances but I think the for me the problem with Shadow dancing is once you’ve seen it once, it loses its awe. Or am I being too much of variety show snob?