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Britain’s Got Talent…but is it new or even original?

14 Apr

Last night the latest variant of the vaudeville acts we get from Simon Cowell‘s pipeline hit ITV last night. Britain’s Got Talent is back. As usual we fed the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright weird (yes Mr Vicar with a nun on a broom stick, that was weird).

I guess from the producers point of view and also the crowd reaction one of the sensations of the night was the dance troupe from Hungary – Attraction with their innovative and unusual approach to dance, but was it unusual or that innovative?

Here are Attractions



Here is a similar group Silhouette from another of Simon’s shows America’s Got Talent



There are in their own right two great performances but I think the for me the problem with Shadow dancing is once you’ve seen it once, it loses its awe. Or am I being too much of variety show snob?

Strictly Come Dancing…Is Denise Van Outen Just too darn good for this?

25 Nov

First off I have to declare that I have always been big fan of Denise Van  Outen.  It started with the Big Breakfast on Channel 4 where Denise and Johnny Vaughan created the best Breakfast TV show ever.

She has always projected a cheerful, warm and humorous personality and I have no reason to think that that is not a true reflection of what she is.  I know people for reasons I have never fully understood  like to think of  Cheryl Cole as the ‘nations sweetheart” but if I was given a choice I definitely would not see past Denise for this accolade.

But, and there was a but in this and a very big one at that, I think she was (and still is) too too good for the Strictly Come Dancing journey, a journey that should share with the viewer a transformation from ‘dancing rags’ to ‘dancing riches’.

The leader board ‘journey’ for Strictly Come Dancing 2012

She has been flawless, watching her with James Jordan and you often don’t see a celebrity and her dance partner, you see just two professional dancers.

A few years back Alesha Dixon wowed strictly audiences with her near perfection. The difference though was she had a journey, granted she became very good, very quickly but there was still a journey.

Denise on the other hand has been spectacular from day dot and the stats show it, she has dominated from almost from week one, while past strictly greats like Jill Halfpenny and Alesha had to fight their way to glory. With Denise the Coronation as the queen of the dance floor just seems inevitable.

While Denise may be crowned Queen of the Dance Floor I think this year Dani Harmer and Vincent Simone while unheralded typify the journey we expect on strictly.