Holiday Home Sweet Home…Programme, Info-mercial or Advert?

17 Nov

It a damp, dull and dreary Saturday afternoon and to make it worse I have a bit of a flu. So taking it easy at home flicking through the channels when I come across a Holiday programme on ITV. What better way to take my mind away from the dreariness outside and be whisked away to dream locations for my next summer holiday.

Today there were back to back episodes of “Holiday Home Sweet Home” taking us through Idyllic holiday homes in South Wales and Devon. The programmes are fronted by Lisa Faulkner (Ex-Holby City and also a Celebrity Master Chef Winner). All good so far.

What I can’t help noticing is that unlike most other programmes of this type, it is does not focus on the people who are taking the holidays, nor the people who own the holiday homes but on the letting agents who are letting these homes.

Lisa talks to the letting agents and then takes on a tour of “the luxury awe-inspiring properties on their books”. As she guides us through the homes under the watchful eye of the agents, she gushes with superlatives on the desirability of the property.

We are taken in painstaking detail through all the details of the property marveling at luxurious en suite bedrooms, carefully restored exposed wooden beams, tasteful renovations that are sympathetic to the countryside, all with grinning boss of the letting agency hovering in the background.

It is all nicely done, but is it really a programme? How is this different from a series of advert for these letting companies? Do the letting companies pay for this or are they chosen to take part? How do they decide who to choose?

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