So what’s the blog about?

23 Sep

Pretty much everyone around the world enjoys watching TV.  It entertains, it shocks, it surprises, it educates, it even babysits for those days when only endless cartoons  will keep the kids quiet.

As TV takes up such a prominent slice of our social lives and the increasing number of  TV channels compete to catch our attention  it is common across the world for newspapers, blogs and other media to keep us up to date with what to watch (or what not to watch in some cases).

Uniquely in Britain the mass media also tell us what we all watched the day before. A look back at last nights TV.  You might be thinking “I watched it already, why do I need anyone one to tell me what I watched”. You don’t, but it is fun to share…no?

That’s what this blog is about. My take on what I watched.

I will share my view of programmes I watched, what I enjoyed and what I didn’t and hope you enjoy it too.

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