CH4…The Hotel. Is all publicity good publicity?

17 Feb

The documentary The Hotel intrigues me. The fly on the wall documentary centres around the trials and triumphs of the the three star Grosvenor Hotel in Torquay. The seaside hotel is run by the “star” of the show – Mark Jenkins.

For a long time I could not figure out if this was a real hotel, some sort of mockumentary like “This is Spinal Tap“, or some really out there documentary where you are left scratching you head as to whether it is real, like the BBC documentary “The Armstrongs“.

Week after week we are treated to hysterics, complaints, fallouts,  clashes of ego and footage of a hotel that looks like it is in desperate need of a lot of TLC. To use a pun, The Grosvenor was not only washing its dirty linen in public but had called in the cameras.

Now the show is in its third series so there isn’t the excuse that they don’t know what they let themselves in for, or they have been conned by the TV production company. So why carry on with doing the documentary?

Earlier this year we were treated to a programme in a similar vein, featuring Claridges Hotel London. This  was in comparison, a tightly controlled and polished PR exercise setting out to achieve just one thing and that was to strengthen Claridges’ brand in the mind of its existing or prospective customers.

I personally think the Grosvenor hotel management have figured out how much the British public have fallen in love the cult of celebrity.  They have realised irrespective of their failing, being featured week after week on TV will bring in a lot of clientelle desperate for a brush with fame however tenuous it might be.

The reviews on Trip Advisor the travel review site reinforce this where almost every review posted about the hotel mentions the fact that it was featured on TV.

From one happy visitor..

after seeing the tv show on channel 4 i immediately made it my mission to spend a week in this hotel. 3 months later my husband and I were on our merry way. the journey there was not fuelled by petrol but my anticiption and excitement and im very happy to say i was not disappointed.
on arrival, Mark gave me and my husband a great big hug and offered to carry in my pet cat, fluffy, who was very tired from the journey.
all the facilities in the hotel were brilliant including the new full size snooker table the newly installed jacuzzi is very relaxing.
however it was the professionalism and sheer class of the owner Mark that my stay will best remembered. my husband had ran out of socks by the last day so mark kindly took his off and gave them to my husband to wear. that sums mark up. a pure class act.
i will definetely be back and i think next time i will bring my single friend who has a little crush on mark.
if anyone is thinking about whether to stay here, i would urge them to book up now. it is a must. thank you mark. you are a legend

and another…

Stayed here just because it was on the TV and the other half loves the show. Wouldn’t normally go to a budget seaside resort, so wasn’t sure what to expect!

Got over the initial surprise as to how dated and basic the rooms were by reminding ourselves that it was only £60 for the night! However, the lack of a shower in the room was a step too far in terms of basic… However, staff dealt with it excellently and we were moved to a much nicer room complete with shower within 15 minutes.

Breakfast existed, which is all that can be said, but again it’s a budget hotel and so wasn’t expecting rosette standard food!

All in all we had fun, staff were friendly and the hotel itself, whilst basic, wasnt offensive! I imagine the hotel has more character than the thousands of others in Torquay!

For others the brush with celebrity was not enough to cover up the deficiencies of the hotel.

What a shocker. I was expecting Basil Faulty to turn up. Bland indescribable food. Basic dated rooms and common areas. No professionalism from Managers/reception head. Just like it is on TV – terrible. Don’t waste your money

Overall though it looks like the opportunity for a fleeting dalliance with fame coupled with a hotel that offers value for money trumps any defects the Grosvenor might have. So is all publicity good publicity? On this evidence I think that might be a Yes!

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