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OMG!!! Eastenders was so emosh!!!!

5 Oct

That seemed to be the universal response on twitter to tonight’s episode. It ended in a heart rendering scene where the police and Social Services took teenage mum Lola’s baby away from her. I haven’t watched EastEnders on a regular basis for years but two things about the soap never change.

Firstly no other soap does abject misery and despair like the script writers of ‘enders.  From the Arthur Fowler’s Christmas day breakdown to Tiffany’s death on New Years day. If you feel everything in life is going too swimmingly and you need to balance it of with a little bit of misery then ‘enders is just what you need.

Secondly EastEnders is like having a “Friend With Benefits”. It requires little or no commitment. You pop in out and out, go away for months at a time and the story line are such that you can pretty much pick up from where you left it .

Tonight’s episode was no different I got into the plot pretty quickly and was served a man size does of misery at the the end with the a scene where the lady from Social Service and two extremely burly police men decided that Lola’s baby had to be taken into care being pretty poignant to put it mildly.

There is often a helpline advertised at the end of episodes like this. I am pretty sure they get their biggest call volumes after episodes like this.