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Just as Person of Interest gets really interesting, it’s gone!

16 Oct

I have already nailed my flag to the post on this one, I really like Person of Interest. I initially loved it because the show took its dramatic licence jumped into a Ferrari and stretched it to its max. I don’t mind a show doing that, as long as it is not pretending to be anything other than what it is.

The plot was interesting but formulaic, but in the last two episodes it has taken an interesting turn and veered away from the formulaic. Mr Reese who has all along been the hunter, suddenly in a dramatic turn of events has become the hunted. The CIA, his former employers, wants him and it seems they prefer dead rather than alive.

At the end of tonight’s episode he was caught in a trap by the CIA and only a last minute rescue by Mr Finch and, in a last minute change of heart, Detective Carter saved him from being taken out by the folk from Langley.

This set the show up for some very interesting forthcoming episodes. What does Channel 5 go and do? They decide to take a “mid-season” break till January. January!!! What a way to kill momentum.

Trivia of the day: James Caviezel who plays Mr Reese in this show, also played Jesus in the Passion of Christ, probably explains a lot of the miraculous escapes in earlier episodes.

Homeland. Why did I doubt season 2 was going to be good?

14 Oct

Homeland is back. 2 weeks in and it has raised its level of excitement to unfricking-believable with two “Big Balls” moments.

Carrie Mathison swings between daring and delusional and sometimes it is difficult to tell when she’s which.

In today’s episode she’s in Beirut and after escaping fearsome milita henchmen at the end of last weeks episode. She meets with a former informant, a Hezobollah commander’s wife. The informant reveals that the terrorist king pin Abu Nazir is meeting her husband in Beirut.

With this information passed onto the CIA, Estes sets up a plot to capture or assassinate Abu Nazir.  It is such a big opportunity that a live screening of satellite footage is held for the Joint Chiefs  Of Staff in the Pentagon. Vice President William Walden a keen fan of US military covert action is not one to miss out on an opportunity for USA high-fiving and brings along his new best buddy Congressman Brody.

As the operation develops, Brody who was in the dark about the detail soon realises his mentor Abu Nazir is the target. Panic ensues. How does he get a message out to Abu Nazir? We get the first “big balls’ moment as Brody slips out his phone and sends a surreptitious text message to Abu Nazir from the inner sanctum of the Pentagon. The message reaches just as the CIA snipers have begun to engage their targets and Abu Nazir escapes by the skin of his teeth.

Action switches to Carrie who with Sol are racing across Beirut to pick up the informant and whisk her out of Lebanon. They find her and need to get out fast as they are in a Hezobollah neighbourhood and people around are getting curious.

Carrie however decides that if they are in the neighbourhood why doesn’t she just pop in, ransack the dead commanders study to see if she can unearth any document notwithstanding the scary looking goons in the vicinity.That’s what anyone of us would do, right?.  ”Big Balls” moment 2, she does just that despite Sol screaming his head off that they need to get out of the area.

Her headstrong decision almost cost her life in a chase scene across the flat roofs of Beirut. She comes away with a lot of documents which when examined later seem largely useless until Sol finds some kind of memory card in the lining of the bag Carrie used to gather the documents.

It contains Sgt Brodie suicide message from the end of last season. WOW! I can’t wait for next Sunday.

Did you miss it? Homeland is coming back for season 2

2 Oct

Pretty much one of the best  TV dramas of the last few years is back this year. Fresh from a big win a this year’s Emmys for outstanding drama series, for lead actor (Brit Damian Lewis)  /actress (Claire Danes), and for writing, Homeland is returning to Channel 4 on Sunday at 9.00pm.

After last seasons finale I would be curious to see how the story is going to move on. They were plenty of unresolved issues from last season, who was the mole, what exactly happened to Sgt Brody and most important where are they going to take the story after the big reveal at the end of last season…

No doubt we will discover on Sunday.

‘Person of Interest’ has sparked my interest

30 Sep

The plot has often had more holes than a truckload of polo mints, and more cliched than a panel of X-Factor judges but you know what? I love this show.

The show taps into the huge growth of powers available to government  in monitoring its citizen post 9/11, but against this back drop it throws up an old school action hero.

It introduces the mysterious Mr Finch who has a access to a system which processes vast amounts of data, phone calls, emails, cctv footage etc and predicts when serious crimes are about to occur and feeds these to the US government but it also predicts crimes that may not affect national security – so called “irrelevant” crimes.

Enter John Reese, an ex-CIA special operations agent recruited by Mr Finch to prevent the occurrence of  irrelevant crimes predicted by the computer.

Each episode he follows up on an irrelevant crime passed to him by Mr Finch and in the process blasts his way through an assortment of Russian Mafiosi, ruthless security guards employed by dodgy pharmaceutical firms,  Iraqi war veterans turned bank robbers and more.

John Reese is stern, generally humourless, troubled but most importantly a seemingly invincible all action hero.  Whether its a gang of  Brooklyn arms dealers or dreaded terrorists from eastern Europe, it takes more than being simply outnumbered to get one over John Reese.

It is good fun but was getting a tad repetitive till this weeks episode. With strong undertones of the film the Usual Suspect,  John Reese ends up rescuing a victim who it turns out is less victim, more maniacal homicidal gang kingpin. Fortunately even though he has John Reese at his mercy in the final scene like many of us he has enjoyed his all action no nonsense persona and respectfully allows him to live.

Good news for the rest of us as well, cos it means John is back on our screens Tuesday next week (Channel 5 9pm)