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Channel 4…The Eloquence Of Chris Hadfield on Sunday Bunch

15 Dec

Although the TV channels never come out and say so, chat shows are almost primarily there to help promote new movies, albums or TV Shows. So you regularly get your famous Hollywood Movie stars coming into London to spend a few days warming the sofas across various studios, and being asked the same questions by the likes Graham Norton, Alan Carr, Jonathan Ross and all the other chat shows on TV and radio.

Some handle it quite professionally and you forget they are simply trying to sell you something, others don’t try that hard and can come across as a bit phlegmatic, like some of the infamous Bruce Willis interviews.



So it is really refreshing when you have someone on the sofa who is super-enthusiastic about what they do, and you would struggle to find someone more enthusiastic, more charismatic or more engaging than Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

You may remember him from this video, singing the David Bowie hit Space Oddity aboard the International Space Station.



If that video was not enough to convince you that this was a man who is really passionate in a fun way about what he does, then his appearance on Channel 4′s Sunday Brunch programme this morning served to further confirm this.

He had the hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer, and fellow guests Little Mix, Dan Snow and Kim Wilde entranced as he explained the wonders of weightlessness in space, how you have to relearn to lift your tongue when speaking after you come back to Earth from space, and how re-entry and landing aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft was like being in a car accident.

If you missed it it is worth catching up on 4oD just for the Chris Hadfield segment.

BBC1…Graham Norton…The Red Chair is simply the best.

1 Feb

Graham Norton’s show is tops. His rapport with his guests is great, not too obsequious (except the Madonna special last year) and not too full of himself, but irrespective of who he has on his show the highlight is always the Red Chair.

This week the guests on Norton’s show were Dame Helen Mirren, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann and Little Mix.

First up on the Red Chair was a woman who worked as GP’s receptionist, she seemed remarkably chirpy especially because in my experience GP receptionists are generally from the more miserable end of the happiness spectrum, but I digress.

Our lady started telling a story of how she went to get a hollywood wax. From the looks on he faces of Leslie and Paul I am guessing the phrase has not crossed the ocean, or may be not made its way to Hollywood (kind of ironic if so). Even the girls of little mix seemed a bit unsure of what this entailed, that was until Leigh-Anne Pinnock blurted out “Is that when you get an “H” down there”.

Graham Norton is normally the utmost showbiz professional but that even he could not keep it together after that and was left creased up with laughter. Poor Leigh-Anne she tried to explain but it was best left alone.

The second Red Chair ‘victim’ was a twenty something American lady from Kansas, incidentally the same state as Paul Rudd. She turned out to be also to be from the same town, it was a looking like she might be here to tell a riveting Paul Rudd anecdote and Graham asked the obvious question “Does she know Paul Rudd?”.  Her response “No but her parents went to high school with Paul”

I had rarely seen the chair lever been pulled so fast as she was tipped over.  There I was thinking Paul was at worst in his late thirties.

How to Get on TV…Jeremy Kyle Style.

1 Nov

Have you ever wanted to be on TV? Would like to be beamed into the home of millions? It might be easier than you think, there is a just slight problem you must be ready to air your dirty linen in front of the world.

The Jeremy Kyle show is looking for guests (or should that be victims) for its UK shows. The categories of guests are

  • DNA – For a chance to make the father of your baby face his responsibilities.
  • Stolen – Have you had money or valuables stolen from you? Would a lie detector help get you the answers that you need?
  • Access – Are you fighting to get access to your child with an ex?
  • Relationships – If you’re worried your relationship will breakdown unless things change
  • Bad parents – Have your parents let you down? Or is your ex a bad parent
  • Addictions – Is a loved one suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction? Is it destroying your family?
  • Break ups – If you’re having problems with your ex, or want your ex back and want to be on the show

Who says misery doesn’t like company, certainly not Jeremy Kyle. Be a guest of Jeremy