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TV Advert…Guinness brings The Sapeurs to the UK

18 Jan

New Guinness TV Advert : Les Sapeurs

You may never have heard of them, but far away in the Congo Brazaville (not to be confused with its neighbour the Democratic Republic of Congo) there is a breed of gentlemen for whom snazzy sharp dressing is a way of life.

These men are know as the  La Société des Ambianceurs et Persons Élégants (the Society for the Advancement of People of Elegance) – Sapeurs. What was cultural niche only known to Congolese and people with an interest in Congolese culture and music is now set to get a wider audience after Guinness launched a new marketing campaign featuring the Sapeurs



The authoritative book on this phenomenon is The Gentlemen of Bacongo by Daniele Tamagni, Paul Smith and Paul Goodwin. The music in the advert is What Makes a Good Man? – The Heavy.

TV Advert…Black Friday in the UK ??? Say it isn’t so Asda

27 Nov

If you have ever been to America around this time of the year you are guaranteed two things, lots and lots of Turkey and Black Friday. Yes, it is the Thanksgiving weekend in America, when our cousins across the ocean celebrate the arrival of the pilgrim fathers in the new world.

Traditionally the celebration falls on the fourth Thursday of November and across the USA millions of Turkeys are grilled, roasted and fried in celebration. In recent years the holiday weekend has taken a more commercial significance. Specifically the Friday after Thanksgiving has become the biggest shopping day in the American retail calendar. The local news there is regularly full of frenzied shoppers massing to snap up heavily discounted bargains.

All well and good for good people of America, but what does it have to do with us? And that’s a question for you ASDA! Most people know ASDA is a subsidiary of the American retail giant Walmart, but that’s no excuse for bringing this obscure, and I would argue unwanted tradition, from across the Atlantic.



This week they have been running a series of adverts promoting their Black Friday deals, adding further to the Americanisation of the UK and bringing forward the start of the peak of wallet-sapping Christmas shopping season to mid-November.

That’s a no from me.

TV Adverts…Shots fired in the battle of the Christmas TV ads.

9 Nov

As the legendary Glam Rocker Noddy Holder would say “So here it is merry Christmas everybody’s having fun”, especially it seems are the advertising agencies of the big retailers. The last few days have seen them roll out their TV ads in preparation for their busiest time of the year.

The adverts are getting bigger and more expensive each year, and have almost become a Christmas event in their own right.

John Lewis has gone all Disney-esque with a full featured animation (“The Bear and the Hare”) with a sound track from Lily Allen (“Somewhere Only We Know“)



Morrisons have plumped for popular culture with adorable duo and the nation’s housewife’s favourite, Ant and Dec, fronting the company’s campaign (“Go on…It’s Christmas”). Morrisons also give a nod to Disney with the sound track “Be Our Guest” taken from Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast.



Meanwhile at M&S homage was being paid to Alice in Wonderland with a Christmas Fairytale themed advert (“Magic and Sparkle”). Featuring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, David Gandy and Helena Bonham Carter.



Boots have decided to go all urban with an advert featuring a gift giving geezer. If it weren’t for the snow it could easily be mistaken for a short film on Channel 4′s urban youth season. The advert featured a sound track from Bronski Beat – “Smalltown Boy“.



For Debenhams their Christmas offering is a traditional “coming home” for Christmas featuring Billie Piper.


Even cost-conscious mega discount store Lidl has got in on the act. In their video they bring together the unlikely pairing of a Harry Enfield voice over with a cover of a One Direction track (“Little Things“ notice the subtle pun there). The track, sung by Swedish band  The Majority Says, and the video combine to produce a simple but very effective advert.


TV Advert : Sky’s new broadband advert is class

20 Oct

I not a marketing guy and have no idea if it will get Sky new customers for their BroadBand service. Whether it does or not I think it is a cracker.

I don’t know if it has been showing for a while, but I caught it for the first time during Sunday’s X-Factor Ad breaks. I first thought it was an advert for Toy Story IV, but only clicked it was a Sky Broadband advert. It had all the regulars, Woody,  Buzz Lightyear “to infinity and beyond…”,  Mr Potato Head and The Green Aliens.

It was nicely done but I suspect it would have cost Sky a few bob in copyright fees.

If you haven’t seen it, it is below. Enjoy.

TV Advert…Tango’s new and very surreal “Argh” Orange Intensity adverts

8 Jun

The adverts for the Tango Orange has always had a certain  ”in your face” quality about it. In the 90′s they took it quite literally with the “You know you have been tango-ed” which proved quite controversial with fears of children imitating the face slapping antics.



Well the good people at Tango are back with a new campaign “ARGH”, less physical than some of their other campaigns but certainly more surreal.

Here are the three premiered during the final of Britain’s Got Talent. I leave you to make up your own minds about these.



and this.



and lastly, this.


Jacob’s Creek…Something’s wrong here?

8 May

If he is the perfect host, who’s he going to hand the glass he just slurped in?   That’s just as bad as programmes like Come Dine With Me where the host so obsessed with their own cooking licks clean the ladle or some other serving instrument and proceeds to double dip.


Evian Water…Another year, another cute dancing baby Advert

28 Apr

It has clearly worked before and what can be cuter than CGI rendered babies boogy-ing away, well for the good folk at Evian the answer is nothing and they have launched another ad in their ”Live Young” Ad campaign.

With a retro sound 90′s track Ini Kamoze‘s Here Comes The Hotstepper the new ad hit our screens this week.


New Somersby Cider advert parodies Apple Stores

27 Mar

Apple (the Computer Company) are well-known for the extent they will go to protect their brand so I wonder what they will make of this advert that debuted yesterday on TV.

It is a hilarious spoof (in a geeky kind of way) of the almost religious hysteria that accompanies the launch of a new Apple product and the devotees that storm Apple Stores world-wide to be the first to get their hands on a new i-Something.

Rather than the latest techno-gizmo though the advert is for an ice cold glass of Cider. Littered with lots of reference to techno jargon – “in to face”, “64 pip vs 32 pip”, “docking station”, “one click” and “works perfectly in direct sunlight”, for anyone who’s wondered why people queue for days outside Regents Street for the latest iProduct you will find this amusing.


3′s Pony Advert – Advert of the week.

3 Mar

The starting point of a really good advert for me is one that stops me getting up to make a cup of tea or heading off to the loo during a commercial break.  It obviously needs to do other things like be humorous, witty, informative or unusual for instance.

The latest  advert from Mobile Network ’3′  titled  ’The Pony’ advert features a Shetland Pony called Socks somewhere up in the Shetland Islands (I would presume!) moonwalking across the island to the sound of Fleetwood Mac’s hit single Everywhere.    

I don’t know if it it is generally felt to witty, informative, humorous or informative but a moonwalking pony will stop me in my tracks every single time. Especially when it is sporting a mane that could double as wicked mullet from the 80′s that even legendary mullet wearing gods like Pat Sharp, Chris Waddle or Don Johnson would have been proud of.

Was that really Stephen Hawking in a Go Compare Ad?

1 Jan
English: gio compario

Gio Compario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok we all know that the good people at Go Compare have decided to flip the script. Most of us are familiar with their long running Ad campaign fronted by operatic singer Wynn Evans aka Gio Compario from Go Compare. The premise of the adverts being Wynn popped up in the most ordinary of situations to sing virtues of selecting your insurance products using Go Compare.

Anecdotally a lot of people seemed to suggest the advert was annoying but be that as it may it worked for Go Compare making them one of the biggest insurance comparison sites. But where to go from there the campaign was running out of steam, so why not take the anti Gino sentiment flip it around and launch a new campaign on the back of that.

That’s just what they did. The new campaign featured a wide a range of celebrities involved in an increasingly bizarre attempts to rid the world of Gio from Go Compare. We have had Stuart Pearce, Sue Barker, Ray Mears and Louis Spence all doing their bit in saving the world from Gio.

Now Joining the fray in adverts started this week is Professor Stephen Hawking, I personally found this somewhat surreal. You just think of Stephen Hawking as this brilliant high minded academic dabbling in issues of multidimensional universes, the existence of the Higgs Boson particle or whatever else catches the imagination of a Ox-bridge Physics don.

Plotting to dispose of a somewhat irritating corpulent tenor from an insurance advert was not one of the things expected from him.