Morrisons Christmas TV Ad. Christmas at the Morrisons’s must suck!

2 Dec

It is almost taken for granted that Christmas is stressful.

People are stressed over making sure they have got  presents for everyone. People are stressed over whether they have sent cards to everyone on the list (if you still send cards). People are stressed over whether they can step up from only ever defrosting microwave meals for two to cooking a Turkey banquet for 16.  People are stressed over whether they will get on with the in-laws they only see one day a year (incidentally on Christmas).

What they need is a soothing reminder that it is never as bad as you think. Maybe an advert from a Supermarket that knows all about Christmas and how to make it stress free. Well if you are looking for that from Morrison’s then you are looking in the wrong place.

Their Christmas advert for 2012 is a shocker, it amplifies all the Christmas stresses going and shoves it right back at you.  People might say at least it is realistic, but this is the season for a little bit of fantasy, a little bit of magic after all it is Christmas.

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  1. pieter December 9, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

    Christmas “Turkey” recipe…..take one of each of the the following: depressing setting, prison cell lighting, exhausted looking woman. Dole queue. Dancing dead poultry. Roast for 85 excruciating seconds. Serve with directions to the nearest Asda, Tesco, Waitrose. Is it just me, but haven’t we seen this storyboard from another retailer?

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