John Lewis Ads…Christmas through the years John Lewis style.

11 Nov

The John Lewis Christmas Adverts are always great.

I have no idea how effective they are in delivering hordes of Christmas shoppers through the doors of the John Lewis retail emporium, but as commercial works of art they are great.

I know Christmas shouldn’t be about spending more than you can afford and then end up living off tins of value range food for the whole of January, but if you are going to be persuaded to blow all the cash you have at the very least you’d want that persuasion to be done tastefully, John Lewis style.

There have been many good ones over the years, with brilliant sound tracks, but my favourite is the 2011 advert. What’s yours?

John Lewis 2007 – “Shadows” – Soundtrack : Aubade/Morning Serenade from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.

John Lewis 2008 – Soundtrack :A cover of The Beatles “From Me To You”.

John Lewis 2009 – Soundtrack :Taken By Trees “Sweet Child of Mine”.

John Lewis 2010 – Soundtrack :Ellie Goulidng “Your Song”.

John Lewis 2011 – Soundtrack :Slow Moving Millie “Please, please, please”

John Lewis 2012 -”The Journey” – Soundtrack :Gabrielle Aplin “Power of Love”

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