3′s Pony Advert – Advert of the week.

3 Mar

The starting point of a really good advert for me is one that stops me getting up to make a cup of tea or heading off to the loo during a commercial break.  It obviously needs to do other things like be humorous, witty, informative or unusual for instance.

The latest  advert from Mobile Network ’3′  titled  ’The Pony’ advert features a Shetland Pony called Socks somewhere up in the Shetland Islands (I would presume!) moonwalking across the island to the sound of Fleetwood Mac’s hit single Everywhere.    

I don’t know if it it is generally felt to witty, informative, humorous or informative but a moonwalking pony will stop me in my tracks every single time. Especially when it is sporting a mane that could double as wicked mullet from the 80′s that even legendary mullet wearing gods like Pat Sharp, Chris Waddle or Don Johnson would have been proud of.

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